Audrey Asselin

Audrey Asselin grew up here in the Las Vegas area and went on to become a Civil Engineer here locally.  She has always been creative and artistic, but only in the recent 4 to 5 years dug deep into her earlier beginnings when she wanted to pursue her creative streak as an artist.

As a mother she has grown into a well rounded individual with a passion to show her two boys the importance of following your aspirations.  She is very passionate about helping people with her expertise as an Engineer, but is also very passionate about her creative ideas and inspiring young artists, including her youngest son, Nick Zachry.

After changing her major from an Art to Architecture to Civil Engineering, she left behind her dream of becoming an Artist.  She was always able to inject her artistic ability into her work, giving her a perspective which set her work apart from others.  The slow burning passion exposed itself when she found the potter’s wheel and attended classes with her younger son.  Together they inspired each other and learned their craft.  Today she is a confidant sculptor and potter, bringing her creations to art shows here in the Southern Nevada area. 

At the present time she is the treasurer of the Nevada Clay Guild.

Audrey can reached at